National Championships 2011

That left just the National Championships at Windsor in September with the Pumpkin and Brownie. We travelled down in convoy, taking 2 lorries giving us plenty of room if the weather turned wet! Louise reports…

We arrived and set up camp and allowed the ponies to rest after their journey. Fortunately Mike decided to drive in the evening, only to discover HE had forgotten to pack the reins!! Following a few frantic phone calls, we arranged for Anna to meet with the Walmsley’s on the motorway the following day and who very kindly brought them for us.

The ponies saved their best dressage test of the season for the Championships and with 55 penalties this put them in second place to Jo Rennison on 50.93. The obstacles were walked a record number of times and times sheets checked over and over again. The ponies were eager to get on their way and we watched them set off down the long walk until they disappeared into the distance. We made our way to the obstacles where we waited patiently (and feeling rather sick) for them to arrive. Mike, Linda and the ponies flew into every obstacle, flew round every obstacle and then flew out of every obstacle, without fault. They were amazing and even with walk penalties won the marathon beating Jo Rennison and also managed to claim £100 for the fastest time in their class through obstacle 6.

I stood and watched the cones knowing that Jo could afford to have one ball down and still hang on to the win. Mike drove a good course but with one ball down and 1.13 time faults this gave Jo more of a lead. However Jo drove a great round and won with a double clear which made coming second slightly easier to bare!

Reserve National Open Pony Pair Champions wasn’t a bad way to end the season. At the end of season dinner dance Mike was presented with a bottle of champagne for the Most Memorable Moment of the season for Pumpkin and Brownie’s extraordinary efforts in the obstacles at Windsor. But how come we never saw the champagne or the £100?!

Reserve Champion, Open Pony Pair
Paces & Precision 55.47, Cones 6.13, Total 151.56