Junior National Championships 2013

Mike and the team head to the Junior Nationals, held this year at Newby in the North East…

It was good to see everyone at the Junior Nationals and a great new venue for the event at Newby Hall. My pony mad cousin Lydia came with us for the weekend which gave us another very willing pair of hands. The weather was good which meant setting up was easy and in no time we were ready to walk the dressage arena and obstacles. We took the ponies for a stroll in the evening to stretch their legs (not literally although I wish we could!) and settled in for the night.

The dressage went well and I was pleased with how they went. This was to be our final outing prior to the BC Championships so I was keen to get a good start. We achieved 44 penalties for the dressage putting us in first place above Fleur Snow who was my only competition in the class.

After a quick change of bits on the leaders we headed for the cones. The course was designed by Carole Meredith and drove extremely well, although it caught a few people out. We managed to leave all the balls up but with 4.25 time penalties which was another win and remained in first place. The evening entertainment was a tug of war between the very young juniors (with some help from parents!) against the more senior juniors, needless to say the very young won!

The obstacles were a combination of tight and twisty with a couple which were fast and flowing. The ponies breezed round and came home with plenty in the tank and looking for obstacles 7 and 8! With another win in this phase we were clear winners ahead of Fleur. We headed off home having thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, the North East put on a great event.

Junior National Champion, Multiples
Paces & Precision 44, Cones 4.25, Total 107.46