Current Ponies

Mike currently has six ponies which make up his Welsh A team…

Nelson (Templedruid The Brocken)


Nelson was definitely the easiest of the new team to break to ride and drive. A very level-headed little chap, he has proven to be very uncomplicated and easy to do in every way.

He has been to numerous club driving events as a single turnout, both indoors and out, and his ridden work is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is very forward-thinking, and he also enjoys a good blast when out hacking!


Rambo (Templedruid Findley)


Rambo has always been the most timid and nervous of the youngsters and consequently has taken longer than the others, but he is now progressing nicely in both his ridden and driving work.

He has already been driven at club indoor events as a tandem leader, and has also been to shows and fun rides over the summer.


Admiral (Templedruid Carob)


Admiral is a year younger than Rambo and Nelson, but we believe he will be a very useful member of the team. He is a very willing pony and takes everything in his stride. Like Nelson, he was very straightforward to break in and takes everything in his stride.

He is now working well in the carriage and under saddle, and has also been driven in a pair.


Sandor (Vechtzicht’s El Sandor)


Following a short trip to Holland in December 2014 by Mike and Linda, Sandor (7 year old gelding) arrived in early January 2015. Having already been broken to drive 2 years ago, our intention is to back him as soon as possible so that we can continue his schooling under saddle.

Sandor is very sharp and has very extravagant uphill paces, we are hoping that in future he will make an excellent leader.


Harry (Cuppers Ranger)


Harry is 12 years old and has been driven for the past 7 years in Holland in various multiple turnouts. He has a very quirky character and shows many stallion characteristics having been gelded late.

He arrived in March 2015 and very quickly settled in to his surroundings and work regime. Backing Harry I’m sure will prove to be exciting but he will no doubt benefit from ridden schooling.


Tebby (Lageveld Tebygrwydd)


Tebby and Harry were working as a pair of leaders, and whilst they have matching paces they don’t have matching personalities! Tebby is quiet and timid when being handled but lights up when being driven. He is enthusiastic and we feel will work well both in the lead and as a wheeler.

At our first event with the team this year Tebby showed how much he loves the marathon section, and was particularly keen to get going on the obstacles!!